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Dark & Erotic Beauty Photographies.

[Dark] with little or no light, or having little brightness. unhappy or sad, gloomy. evil or threatening.

Humans has been awed and fascinated by the "Dark" since the dawn of their history.
Fear, Death, Vice, Decadence, Heresy, Secrecy...images comes from the "Dark" are stimulating and emotional.
These stimulus visions are taken into the arts/cultures and formed genres like "Dark Fantasy", "Dark Movie", "Dark Novel" and so on...
And the "Dark" always go with irresistible "Eroticism" you may imagine like "Immorality", "Taboo"...

"Dark Eros" project goal is reconstruct the "Eroticism" which has been inherited from the classic dark art like european traditional great pictures and create brand-new "Beauty" by the latest and the greatest creators and artists.
Those works are combined as one Photo book will be entitled "Dark Eros" and released the early in 2018.
Also there would be an oppotunities to have events to show the world of Dark Eros as with the progress of the project.

We hope you'll be looking forward to our project "Dark Eros".
Things worth having are worth waiting for.


[ Produce ]

Kenji Nagasawa (Alt East Inc.)
1F 4-25-10 Jingumae Shibuyaku Tokyo JAPAN postal code 150-0001
TEL: +81-3-5428-6886
E-mai: nagasawa@alteast.com


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2F Yano Bldg. 2-4 Jimbocho Kanda Chiyodaku Tokyo JAPAN postal code 101-0051
TEL: +81-3-6261-2064
E-mai: info@art-iwata.com


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4-1-5 Iidabashi Chiyodaku Tokyo JAPAN postal code 102-8716
TEL: +81-3-3263-3511 (Representative)
TEL: +81-3-3263-3515 (Sales)
E-mai: gks@genkosha.co.jp